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Kill stucks by including all the features needed by every SaaS. Focus from day 1 on what matters : your business. 🚀

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Ruby 3.0, Rails 6.1, Bootstrap 5

😱 But wait !

Why not a regular "rails new app" ?

Empty UI design

No active deploy

No continous integration

No editable pages

Not SEO-ready

No authentication flow

No admin

No blogging

No dev workflow

No test coverage

Why not just skip boilerplate and start your business today?

We cracked it

See all you will not have to care about in your next Rails project.

Deep Bootstrap v5 integration

Customisable, extensible, beautiful default Bootstrap v5 theme. Form validations and flash messages already integrated.

Modern frontend

Webpack(er) is already set up for dev and production. Every kind of assets (images, fonts, css...) already works.👌


Existing E2E, security, unit, and Javascript testing. 100% coverage from start. What else ?

Development workflow

Get a nice, productive workflow from the start. Settings close to production, and pages dedicated to experiments.


Authentication, registration, and password reset are set up. 🔒 One more thing you don't have to care about.


Profit from clean, tested, customizable access management. Thanks to the pundit gem, already configured.

Beautiful admin

Rely on gem administrate, but with a complete UI redesign. 🤩 You have both delightful UX, and community-based, robust admin panel.

Supercharged admin

Admin is not limited to basic CRUD operations. You can also monitor logging and tasks, migrate data, and so on.

Blogging enabled

Write and promote your content from the first day, ✍️ without the need of any external tool.

Editable HTML pages

HTML pages can be modified by administrators. You get a customized EasyMDE editor that will make your CEO happy.


Marketing is as important as web development. Bootrails is structured and prepared to be noticed by search engines.


Subscription billings, invoices, and payments thanks to ChargeBee. Supports recurring payments : offer monthly and yearly plans.

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If you want to be warned once Bootrails is released :)

Why use Bootrails ?

Ship first

Deliver added value

Focus on what matters. Start from a standard but extensible Rails app, with all usual features any SaaS needs. Tell your CEO that first lines of code will be about added value, not technical setup or optimizations.

Brics Wall of bricks.

Safety first

Stand on the shoulders of giants

Heroku, GitHub, CircleCI, and so on. External tools on which Bootrails relies on are the most used standards on the markets. But privacy also counts. For example, PanelBear has been chosen instead of Google Analytics. No worries, these choices can be changed.

An Elephant. An Elephant.

Build with 💙

Make everyone happy

Bootrails is delightful for you as developer, but also for your rolemates, and your users. Blazing fast rendering, great coding comfort, consistent and extensible UI design, intuitive admin and marketing features are immediately available when starting.

Pulse. Pulse.

Ship fast with Rails 6 and Bootstrap v5