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Rails 7 Hotwire : a tutorial

Hotwire is the new functionality of Rails that gained momentum lastly. This tutorial is a practical introduction to each feature. Motivation At BootrAils, we don’t use Hotwire at all. We consider it more simple to launch an MVP without it. That being said, Hotwire looks promising, and deserves special attention, since it’s shipped by default with …

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Custom esbuild for Rails

Inside Rails 7 apps, esbuild is wrapped into jsbundling. But what if you want to customize this build ? 0. Motivation At BootrAils we are currently considering dropping the entire default “Rails Way” to manage frontend assets (CSS, images, JS, etc), by replacing it with ViteJS. (See this article : https://www.bootrails.com/blog/vitejs-rails-a-wonderful-combination/). However, for those interested in this “Rails …

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Rails, Cypress : testing the whole stack is definitely easier

Cypress is a well-known tool for JavaScript developers. It allows elegant end-to-end testing of any application. For Ruby-on-Rails, it’s an extremely relevant tool to use. 0. The origins : the Rails doctrineâ„¢ At BootrAils, Cypress is already integrated, configured, with a few tests to cover and document the application. We find this tool very interesting because …

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