Author name: David B

Ruby inheritance

Inheritance in Ruby and Ruby-on-Rails is a key element that has a great potential to develop robust interfaces. Inheritance is a concept which is directly related with Object Oriented Programming (OOP). What is object oriented programming (OOP)? Object Oriented Programming aims to bring the logics of the real world to programming languages in order to …

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Ruby pattern matching

If you are not familiar with the pattern matching feature in Ruby, this article is a good recap of the basics and it also includes some useful tips for developers. What is pattern matching? If you are new to the feature, welcome to the typical “Pattern matching journey”; where first, you don’t know what it …

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Ruby, the self keyword

In this article we will explore the self keyword of the Ruby language What is self in Ruby self is a reserved keyword in Ruby that always refers to the current object and classes are also objects, but the object self refers to frequently changes based on the situation or context. So if you’re in an instance, self refers to …

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