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Ruby group_by or Rails group_by

The goal of this article is to understand the group_by method from a theoretical and practical point of view, both for Ruby, and Rails. What is the group_by method in Ruby? The .group_by method is included in Ruby’s Enumerable module. We have already written about the Enumerable module and Enumerators in previous blog entries. This is because of the importance of these …

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Ruby-on-Rails and Arel

Databases are the pillar of web application. The key is to understand how they work and the related tools, going from standard SQL language to Arel. Rails: Applications, databases and the Active Record Ruby on Rails is a powerful framework to create applications based on the MVC Architecture. One of its most valuable assets is that …

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Ruby loops overview

Understanding loops and how they work will help you write robust and efficient applications and interfaces. What is a loop? We can explain looping as the action of repeating the same thing over and over. In programming, as in real life, we need assembly lines. Imagine a cake factory that has a defined process: mix …

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Ruby-on-Rails and Avo Tutorial

Avo is a tool that empowers developers to create beautiful admin panels for Ruby-on-Rails apps quickly. Avo Overview AvoHQ main promise is to remove boilerplate. It’s an alternative to the Rails administrate gem. Avo’s primary purpose is to manage database records for Rails applications. To do this, it uses the concept of a resource that corresponds to a model. …

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Ruby Enumerable Module

The enumerable module is one of the most important modules in Ruby, it includes a wide range of methods that help us to interact with collections of data. Introduction to the enumerable module Modules are the major result of inheritance, since they allow us to execute actions without having to write code and sharing features …

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